Development Progress
Parents with their young children stroll through Vista Field.

Development will happen in phases

Port of Kennewick completed the initial site infrastructure of the central 20 acres in spring 2022. The first lots are now available for private-sector commercial, retail and residential development. Learn more in the Information for Builders & Realtors tab on this webpage.

The first phase of redevelopment at Vista Field encompassed streets, sidewalks, utilities, and landscaping at the center of Vista Field. This early work opened nearly 20 acres and included a linear park, waterway, and retail plaza.

The Port will use Vista Field land sale proceeds to complete additional infrastructure that will open the next development phase.

Long-term plans include a network of small-scale streets, focusing on walking, biking, public transit, and interconnecting a variety of neighborhoods within the development. The site will be dotted with green spaces, waterways, pathways, civic buildings, and public facilities. There will be places for offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment, public spaces, and areas that recognize and celebrate local history.

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Phase one progress