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Vista Field is a walkable mixed-use community. In addition to nearly 1,000 residential households, Vista Field will have parks, restaurants, retail, offices and entertainment. Most of the commercial activity will be located in the Vista Field Town Center. While automobiles are accommodated with parking spaces and driving lanes, the community is designed so that residents can also walk or bike to the Town Center from any part of Vista Field. Residents can choose to live either in the Town Center or in residential neighborhoods surrounding the Town Center. Additional smaller mixed-use areas in other parts of Vista Field may be developed later.

The Port of Kennewick, an independent governmental agency responsible for economic development, owns Vista Field, which is being built on the site of an abandoned airfield. Working collaboratively with the City of Kennewick, the Port as master developer initiated and guided the design process, obtained the entitlements and made the infrastructure improvements.

The Master Plan is a conceptual drawing showing the general location of streets, open space and buildings, the relationship between commercial and residential property and the connections between Vista Field and the surrounding areas of the City of Kennewick. The Master Plan is subject to change and will be modified from time to time.

Some streets are owned by the property owners’ association discussed below, while others are dedicated to the public. Most parks, squares, plazas and neighborhood streets that are owned by the association are open for appropriate use by the public, subject to reasonable regulation.

The first phase will include part of the Town Center and part of a residential neighborhood. Subsequent phases may be added in any order. Although it is the current plan to do so, it is not required that all land shown on the Master Plan be developed as part of Vista Field.

Vista Field has Design Standards to establish a visual identity and to carry out the walkability features. Plans and specifications for any building must be approved prior to construction, including landscaping and exterior building colors. The Town Architect will assist owners and their architects during the process of design to help in applying the Design Standards. Any later modification during construction or after completion must also be reviewed and approved.

The Vista Field Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (the “Vista Field Declaration”) establishes the Vista Field Association, which is responsible for maintaining common areas shared by the entire community. All owners of property, both residential and commercial, will be voting members of the Vista Field Association (the “Association”). The Vista Field Declaration is written to comply with the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (WUCIOA), a law enacted in 2018 that regulates residential and mixed-use owners’ associations. The Port—known in the documents as the Founder—reserves the right to elect a majority of the board of directors of the Vista Field Association to the greatest extent permitted by the WUCIOA.

Each parcel of property in Vista Field, residential and commercial, is assigned an Allocated Interest. • Residential Property: Most individual dwelling units are assigned one Allocated Interest, although small units and some multi-family dwellings will be assigned 0.8 Allocated Interest per dwelling unit. • Commercial Property: Commercial parcels are assigned Allocated Interests based on square footage, with 1,000 square feet being equal to one Allocated Interest. • Mixed-Use Parcels: Live/work units and other mixed-use parcels are assigned an Allocated Interest based on both the dwelling units and the commercial portion. The Association’s budget, including maintenance of streets, parks and the water feature, as well as general management and other expenses, is divided among all properties based on Allocated Interests. It is estimated that parcels in the initial phase will pay assessments of $650 per year per Allocated Interest. Assessments will be adjusted annually based on the budget.

A separate document, the Vista Field Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Commercial Property (the “Commercial Declaration”) applies only to commercial property (including the commercial portions of mixed-use property) within Vista Field. The property 2/17/22 owners’ association formed under the Commercial Declaration (the “Commercial Association”) is responsible for maintenance of shared spaces that mostly serve commercial property. It also regulates and promotes businesses within Vista Field. Owners of commercial parcels and mixed-use parcels will be members of both the Vista Field Association and the Commercial Association and will pay assessments to both. Assessments to the Commercial Association are determined based on the value of the commercial portion of the parcel as appraised by the Benton County Tax Assessor. Owners of residential property are not members of the Commercial Association and are not affected by the Commercial Declaration.

Parcels may be rented, subject to reasonable rules and regulations as adopted by the Association from time to time. Parcels may be resold without restriction, subject to the Vista Field Declaration. Pets are allowed consistent with City zoning and the Vista Field Association’s rules and regulations, including rules on noise, odor and safety. Owners may be required to keep pets on a leash and collect and dispose of animal waste when walking pets in the community.

Builders of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties can find an additional FAQ for builders as well as detailed information about the Collaborative Design Process on-line. Private individuals seeking to live in Vista Field may contact one of the approved Vista Field residential builders for availability.

Vista Field is served by the Kennewick School District. Sunset View Elementary School, Chinook Middle School and Kamiakin High School.

The Trios Health Southridge Hospital (~4.5 miles away) and the Kadlec Regional Medical Center Hospital (~7.5 miles away) are near Vista Field.

The City of Kennewick opened Kennewick Fire Station #3 in 2021 to serve Vista Field and the surrounding area. The station is located at 6941 W. Grandridge Kennewick.

The Kennewick Police Department serves Vista Field.

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